Ilztalbahn Passau – Freyung

Welcome to our scenic railway in the Bavarian Forest!

Ilztalbahn trains from Passau to Freyung operate on all saturdays and sundays from May 1 until October 17, 2021.

There are connecting bus services to the Czech Railways and to the National Park.

Tickets are sold on board, only cash payment is possible.

Timetable Ilztalbahn 2020

Trains operating on saturdays and sundays from July 25 until October 04, 2020.

(updated: Aug 25, 2020)

Ilztalbahn Passau – Waldkirchen – Freyung

Passau Hbf ab07:3511:0014:0317:10
Tiefenbach x07:4611:1114:1417:21
Fischhaus x07:5511:2014:2317:30
Fürsteneck x08:1111:3614:3917:46
Neuhausmühle x08:1511:4014:4317:50
Röhrnbach x08:1911:4414:4717:54
Waldkirchen an08:3011:5514:5818:05
Freyung an08:5212:1815:2018:27

Ilztalbahn Freyung – Waldkirchen – Passau

Freyung ab09:2512:3015:3519:00
Waldkirchen ab09:4512:5115:5619:22
Röhrnbach x09:5513:0116:0619:32
Neuhausmühle x09:5913:0516:1019:36
Fürsteneck x10:0313:0916:1419:40
Fischhaus x10:2213:2616:33
Tiefenbach x10:3113:3516:4220:06
Passau Hbf an10:4413:4916:5620:20

x … Request stop: To get off here please inform the train staff. To board here just stand on the platform.

Historic trains

In 2020 there will be heritage traffic on the Ilztalbahn railway line on selected days:

Saturdays and sundays from Sep 12 until October 04, 2020: Historic diesel railcars (class 798 „Schienenbus“)

Regular fares and schedules apply.